Green Hydrogen

Our econonies‘ emissions of CO2 is the most prevalent gas that contributes to global warming. To combat the greenhouse gas the element hydrogen will play a key role as a versatile energy carrier. Hydrogen produced in a climate-friendly way makes it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, especially in industry and transport, where energy efficiency and the direct use of electricity from renewable energies are insufficient. With our technology, we can produce green hydrogen with no CO2 emissions.


Everyone is talking about digitization. Processes known to us are questioned in order to make them more reliable, safer and more efficient, e.g. through automation or Industry 4.0. These new approaches require energy - lots of energy! We also support progress, but only if it no longer happens to the detriment of our environment. We give progress the greenest energy that it demands from us - as much as it necessary, wherever and whenever.

Geographical Regions

We want to install our facilities wherever we can find winds. That is almost everywhere at almost anytime. Concludingly, we are hardly restricted geographically. Nevertheless, we target markets that, in line with our vision, are committed to climate protection and keep the gates wide open for modern technologies for climate-neutral, efficient energy generation.

Green Energy Generation

The current war between Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla led to the electrification of our daily lives. The degree of electrification does not seem to be exhausted yet, because we are striving for additional energy sources that meet our growing electricity needs. With X-Wind, we want to contribute to this in the best possible way by generating green energy – energy without regret!